About Us

Starhub uses the colocation services of a highly secure data center which has been designed in accordance with Tier III Uptime standards. The Network Operations Center is staffed by experienced personnel who constantly monitor all of the data center’s systems and networks. City-centre location opened over 10 years ago, with rapid access for Starhub’s technical support team

High availability

• 99.982% guaranteed availability
• Active-active data synchronization across different data centers


• ID and biometric authentication controlled 24/7 by security staff and audio and camera surveillance
• 24/7 technical support
• Traffic monitoring
• Two tier firewall approach with Intrusion Prevention System


The power supply system has been designed for continuous and uninterrupted usage with connections to two separate electricity generating plants.
• Two backup generators each with 3x1,900 KVA and 8 hours of fuel reserves
• UPS power backup of 3x300 KVA
• Automated temperature and humidity control with redundancy of N+1
• Sophisticated fire safety system using VESDA fire and smoke detection system
• Water leakage detection system